University Systems help centre

University Systems employs two methods to reduce spam on campus:

  • DNS Blacklist: a service that rejects all emails from computers known to generate spam.
  • SpamAssassin: a product running on the UVic mail server which checks all email received from off campus against a set of spam filtering rules.

By employing these methods, UVic manages to filter approximately 800,000 fraudulent emails per day, but unfortunately, some spam and junk emails may still end up in your mailbox. For information on email scams—including how to identify fraudulent emails—visit our phishing feature.

If you are receiving a lot of phishing and junk emails, you can change your spam settings by visiting UVic spam filtering. Please be aware, however, that some legitimate emails may also be identified as spam if you enable spam blocking on your UVic account. You can disable the spam filter at any time by visiting the same link.

You can also use an email client to customize your junk and spam filters:

Alternatively, you can create message rules that will send specific messages directly to a junk folder. This option is great if you're receiving a lot of spam from a particular sender: