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Public access telephones

Key locations on campus are served by university-sponsored courtesy phones which are are located in public areas on campus and are free for local calls (ie. to the Greater Victoria area). People can make long distance calls from these phones through the use of Calling Cards or operator assistance. A  few of these phones are equipped with TTY/TDD devices for persons with a disability. Other phones serve as emergency stations with direct dial to Campus Security.

For campus maps and building codes, see Maps and Buildings.

Building Location description TTY/TDD Security
BEC Ground floor, outside computer labs - -
CLE Clearihue Building C-wing, ground floor - -
CLE Clearihue Building A-wing, near computer labs - -
COM Parking lot #5 information kiosk (near R41) - Security
COM Commons block, 2nd floor (SW), near Campus View Room - -
COM Commons block, 2nd floor (N), near Naro Room - -
COR Cornett Building, near A158 - -
COR Cornett Building, near A129 - -
CSR South side of main bus loop - Security
DSB Outside DSB/SSM/SED/COR Yes Security
DSB Lobby of David Strong Building Yes -
ECS Main foyer, near room 142 - -
ELL Elliot Building main lobby (E) - -
ELW Main lobby (S), near A144 - -
FIA Fine Arts lobby, near room 151 - -
FRA Fraser (law building), main entraceway Yes Security
FRA Fraser (law building), near room 142 Yes -
GSC Near room 117 - -
HHB Outside Hickman building - Security
HSD Lobby of HSB, 2nd floor Yes -
HSD Lower level lobby (SE), near B102 - -
ISC Ian Stewart Complex ice rink - Security
LIB Library main floor, near periodicals Yes -
MAC Outside (W) entrance of MacLaurin Building - Security
MAC Near Mac's Bistro cafe - -
MAC Music wing, basement - -
MCK McKinnon gym, lobby overlooking the pool - -
MSB Lobby of Medical Sciences Building - Security
PCH Petch Building breezeway - Security
PHX Phoenix Theatre, main entrance - -
SCI Lobby of Bob Wright Centre - -
SEC Lobby of Campus Security - -
SED Sedgewick Building, near C125 (SE) - -
SSM Lobby of Social Sciences and Math, near A101a - -
SUB Outside SW corner of Student Union Building - Security
SUB Near room B102 of Student Union Building - -
TEF Lobby of Technology Enterprise Facility - -
UVC Outside main entrance of University Centre - Security
VIA Parking lot outside Fine Arts/Visual Arts - Security
VIA Visual Arts, main foyer near A125 - -
Student Residences
R38 Inside main lobby - -
R39 Inside main lobby - -
R40 Lobby of Ring Road Hall - -
R40 East A-wing hallway of Ring Road Hall - -
R40 North A-wing hallway of Ring Road Hall - -
R41 Lobby of Tower Hall - -
R54 Outside R54 - Security
R58 Outside R58 - Security
R42 Lobby of Sinclair Hall - -
RAC Sir Arthur Currie Hall - -
RDT David Thompson Hall - -
REC Emily Carr Hall - -
RHB Haig-Brown - -
RHS Hugh Stephen - -
RJC Joseph Cunliffe - -
RMN Margaret Newton - -
RPH Poole House - -
RSA Sanderson - -
RSB Shirley Baker - -
RTC Trutch - -
RWA Wallace - -
RWI Wilson - -