Student self serve

Step 1. Get your letters  Request accommodations for specific classes and share your letter of accommodation with your instructors each term.

Step 2. Request exam bookings  Request accommodated test and exam bookings.

Step 3. Review your bookings  View your bookings and check your exam schedule.

launch to get started!

Important notice for Mac users:  We are aware of issues with Safari and the Mac PDF Previewer. Please use Firefox to use the self serve and Adobe Reader to view your letters.

(if you have trouble logging in, please come to our front desk for assistance)

Important Note: test & exam booking deadlines
  • Midterm exams, test and quizzes: Submit requests at least two weeks before the scheduled exam date.

  • Final exams: Submit requests at least two weeks before the first day of the final exam period. This applies to both December and April.  

  • Deadline for summer term courses is seven days.

important term dates for students

"How to" tutorials are available to learn how to use all the features of the (Clockwork) self serve portal and an FAQ is available.
Can someone watch what I am doing on the self serve so I know I am doing it correctly?  

Sure, come ask at our front desk at RCSD and we will give you a hand.

Does the self serve automatically send out my letters to professors and make arrangements for me?

No.  You initiate those when you interact with the self serve and select specific options – just like hotel booking software.

I am trying to book multiple exams but the software keeps telling me I am already booked.  What do I do?

Close your browser and restart it and log back into the self serve and try again.  If still an issue, try another web browser.  We recommend Internet Explorer for Windows or Firefox for Mac.  

The self serve won’t let me book my tests and I already shared my letters with my instructors. What is going on?

The system will stop you if it is

  • less than 7  days before summer tests (May to Aug), or 
  • less than 14 days before winter term tests (Sept to April)

If you are trying to book a final exam, it has to be entered into the system at least two weeks prior to the first day of the official final exam period for the winter terms. 

As far as the self serve is concerned, there are no final exams in summer term.  Book those as tests.  

What’s the difference between tests and final exams?

Finals are only during the final exam period as published by the Registrar’s Office

As far as the self serve is concerned, there are no final exams in summer term.  Book those as tests. 

When should I share my letters of accommodation?

We strongly recommend that you share your letters of accommodation at the beginning of each term (within the first couple of weeks)

    • Instructors need as much notice time as possible please.
    • Your ability to book your tests and exams in this system depends on you first sharing your letters with your instructor.
    • Summer students: due to the variable types and durations of courses in the summer, please share the letter as close to the beginning of your summer term as possible.
Is my privacy secure?

Yes.  The system is encrypted and relies on a secure netlink id and password-authenticated login managed and supported by University Systems.  It’s like using secure online banking.

Other than data you decide to share (like your letter of accommodation with your instructors and your test and exam booking details if applicable), your private data within ClockWork is not communicated to other electronic systems. Use of the system is governed by applicable university privacy, information security and technology use policies.

Do I have to use the self serve every term?

If you want your instructors to receive your letter of accommodation and if you need to write exams with RCSD with accommodations, yes.

Can I have a hard copy of my letter?

Yes, after you share the letter with your instructor(s).

Can you just do this for me?

No, but we can help you interact with the self serve in a face-to-face appointment if you like.  If you are a distance student, we can assist you through a telephone appointment. Remember to check out the tutorial materials also.  They show you step-by-step how to use the self serve.

The instructor listed on the lab isn’t the one teaching it.  What do I do?

Let us know and we will confirm details with the department and change it on the self serve if necessary.

I need to write my exam before the class start time, what do I do?

Book your exam for the regular start time and then reply to the confirmation email you will receive from  Simply say “accommodated time before class start time” please. We will attempt to make the changes and send you another confirmation.

I need to write my exam on a different date, what do I do?

Book the exam for the class date and time. Then you need to talk to your instructor and get written permission to change the date. Request your instructor to send that permission and details to and we will make the change for you.  You must have written permission from your instructor. 

Clockwork was designed to be used with screen reading technology:

The Clockwork online portal is accessed as a series of simple html webpages.  Those pages can be accessed using popular screen readers including JAWS, NVDA, Kurzweil 3000 and with browser extensions such as Chromevox or the Voiceover application on Mac operating systems.  

If you are having difficulty accessing elements of Clockwork with your screen reader, please contact Darryl Gorrie at