Video conference tips

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In addition to following good video conferencing etiquette, try these tips to help you have a successful Zoom meeting:

  • If possible, connect your computer to your router with an Ethernet cable.  
  • During your video conference meetings, ask other members of your household to refrain from streaming video (e.g. Netflix) or online games.
  • Use a well-lit space so your video is clear and your face isn't shadowed.  Consider drawing your curtains or closing blinds if you have a window behind your workspace.
  • If possible, use a headset for better audio.
  • In large meetings, keep your microphone muted until you need to talk.  Similarly, consider if video from all participants or just the presenter is required to limit bandwidth and provide a better overall experience for attendees.
  • Don't forget to unmute your microphone when you want to speak.
  • Note that it's easy for other participants to tell if you aren't fully focused and present during the video call. Act as you would if you were in a meeting room…in a meeting.

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