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Security Standards FAQs

Who are these standards for?

The Security Standards are intended for the administrators of UVic systems that handle or store University information.

What do end-users/non-technical staff and faculty need to do?

Visit Secure Your Data for more information on what you can do for your information security. In particular, review the Secure your account section.

What does a student need to do to meet these standards?

Students are usually not administrators of UVic systems. These standards are for their information. See our Cyber-Security Awareness page to learn more cybersecurity for students.

How do we balance critical business processes with interruptions because a standard requires applying patches?

Having a process in place to define the risk of vulnerabilities is key to defining if a patch is critical and must be applied as soon as possible, necessitating interruption of business processes.

Who can I contact for help with these standards?

Please contact the for assistance. To provide feedback on the standards, contact .