Ordering a standard computer or Mac


This page covers resources for UVic employees who need to use the Microserve portal for submitting standard orders or creating quotes to attach to WebReq orders.

Sign in to the Microserve portal using your NetLink ID


Before you start your Microserve order, make sure you:

  • have an active UVic employee role.
  • have a campus delivery address including building and room number.
  • know the preferred email address for your department’s approver. This person will need FAST signing authority to action your order.
  • have the correct FAST account information. Orders with incorrect FAST accounts will be rejected by Purchasing and the shopping cart will need to be re-created.


Important notes:

  • this portal is designed for standard orders with one FAST account. If your order requires a combination of FAST accounts, please use the WebReq order process.

  • If you are using a research account or Pro-D funding, please use WebReq for your order. These types of accounts require different approval processes.

  • If you are both the cart creator (buyer) and approver for your department, send the order to yourself for approval.


Logging in and placing an order (video tutorial)

 Trouble viewing the video? Try the direct link.



Logging in and placing an order (written tutorial)

 *Note: If you are just creating a quote PDF, follow steps 1 through 10.

  1. To begin:

    Login to the Microserve portal through UVic SSO

    If you are already signed into uvic.ca, you will be directed to the Microserve home portal page. If you have not yet signed into uvic.ca, you will have to first sign in to UVic.

    screenshot of uvic single sign on page
  2. Once logged in, the home portal page with standard product categories is displayed.  Select a standard product category to begin your order.


  3. For this example, we will select Laptops and choose a model. 


  4. Enter a quantity and click the Cart symbol to add to the cart. 

    Note that your selected item will now be in the cart. You can go to the cart by clicking the Items link by the cart icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. 


  5. In your cart, you now have the option to Continue Shopping or Continue Checkout. You can also update the quantity of your items, add comments or attachments, add suggested products to your order, and more.         


  6. Select Continue Checkout when you have finished updating your order. You will be prompted with a Buying Limit Violation alert because Purchasing must approve all orders.  

  7. On the Billing/Shipping page, check to ensure your contact information is correct and then click Continue Checkout

  8. On the Payment Details page, you will be prompted to add your FAST Account Number as well as a Customer PO Number. Fill in the FAST Account Number field with the FAST account you are charging for this order, including the subcode. We recommend subcode 7402 – Computers and Accessories. Example: 11111-11111-7402

  9. Add the cart # to the Customer PO Number field to make sure your invoice is billed correctly. Leave the PO Date and PO Expiry Date blank and proceed to Continue Checkout.


  10. On the Confirmation page, make sure the Bill To and Ship To addresses are accurate and the order has the correct items, quantities, and total. 

    If you're creating a quote PDF, click on the Print PDF button above the order preview. You may need to allow pop-ups in your web browser if the PDF window doesn't open.


  11. Scroll down to and click Send for Approval.


  12. You will be presented with a field to type in a UVic email address. Double-check with your department's approver to make sure you have the correct email address. 

    The Approver must have FAST signing authority for purchase approvals. Purchasing will reject orders if the Approver does not have the correct signing authority. If you are also the approver, send the cart to yourself.


  13. Once you have sent your order for approval, you will receive an order acknowledgement email.