Connect to Personal home file storage: Windows

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Personal home file storage is available through the Central Storage Infrastructure (\\\NetLinkID>) to all UVic students, faculty, and staff. Personal home file storage can be used to store up to 5GB of documents related to UVic coursework for students and up to 20GBs for faculty and staff members. All of the workstations in UVic's computing facilities have personal home file storage mounted, but you can also connect to it from your personal notebook or home computer, even from off-campus.

Before connecting to personal home file storage on your personal computer, ensure you

  1. Right click on This PC, then click on Map Network Drive....

    right click on map network drive

  1. In the Drive drop-down menu, select [ any letter] :. Type \\\ followed by your NetLinkID in the Folder field. If your machine is NOT bound to the domain select the Connect using different credentials checkbox. NOTE: Any machine bound to the domain on campus will need to uncheck " Connect using different credentials".

    • Optional: select the Reconnect at logon checkbox to automatically connect to your UVic storage when you start your computer. You will need to manually connect to it if you do not choose this option.
    • Click Finish.

    map network drive

  1. Enter UVIC\ followed by your NetLink ID. Enter your password and click OK.

    enter netlink id and password