Retrieve files from archive using IBM Spectrum Protect: Mac OS X

Storage and backupsStorage and backups

The instructions in this document are for the restoration of files and folders that remain in the TSM backup storage, not for the complete restoration of a damaged hard drive. System software and applications should be reinstalled from the original media. If you need assistance, call the Computer Help Desk.

  1. In the Finder, navigate to the Application folder and then open the IBM Spectrum Protect folder. Double click on IBM Spectrum Protect Tools for Administrators

    IBM spectrum protect tools for administrators icon
  2. Select IBM Spectrum Protect from the list and click OK.

    spectrum protect menu
  3. Enter your computer's administrator username and password.

  4. If prompted, type your computer's TSM node name and password. If you are unsure of your node name, visit the TSM Administration page and check your node name.

    node password
  5. In the IBM Spectrum Protect window, click the Retrieve icon.

    Click on restore
  6. Browse and select the files you want to retrieve from archive:

    • Click the triangle icon beside your node name to expand the navigate window.  In this example, the node name is SYST.DEPT.VICTORY.
    • Your data will be listed by archive date. Click the triangle beside the archive to expend.
    • Continue expanding the file structure until you find the folders/files you would like to retrieve from archive.
    • Place a checkmark in the box beside each file and folder that you would like to retrieve from archive.

      retrieve data window

  7. Press the Retrieve button to continue.
  8. In the Retrieve Destination window, click the button next to Following location. Click Select and browse to where you would like the retrieved files to be saved on your computer. You should create a new folder to save retrieved data.
  9. Click the button next to Retrieve partial path.

    retrieve destination

  10. Click the Retrieve button to begin file retrieval.
  11. The Task List window, which displays the transfer progress, will open. This process could take several minutes while the TSM server locates your files.

    retrieve data progress

  12. Click OK when the retrieval is complete.

    retrieve complete

  13. You will be returned to the Detailed Status Report window. If errors have occurred, the last error encountered will be displayed at the bottom of the Detailed Status Report window. Select View to inspect other error messages.

    retrieve status

  14. Close the window and exit IBM Spectrum Protect.
  15. Locate the retrieved files on your computer to verify that they were restored properly.