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Delete archive files on the TSM server: Windows

Files stored on the TSM server that are no longer needed should be deleted to ensure there is free space on the server for all users. Files deleted on the server will not affect the files stored locally on your computer.

  1. Open the Tivoli Storage Manager by clicking on the Windows Start button, selecting Programs, Tivoli Storage Manager, and then Backup Archive GUI.

  2. When the Login into a TSM server window appears, type in your node name as the User id and your node's password, then click Login.

  3. In the Tivoli Storage Manager window, click the Utilities menu and select Delete Archive Data.

  4. Browse and select your files for deletion. Place a checkmark beside each of the files and folders you wish to delete.
    • Expand directories by clicking the + symbol next to the folder name. When you delete archives, you can choose to delete some or all of your archival copies (indicated by the Archive Date).
    • If you place a checkmark beside a folder, all subfolders and files within the folder will be selected as well. (In the screenshot below, everything in the Documents folder will be deleted.)

    Click Delete to begin the deletion process.

  5. Confirm that you wish to delete your files and folders from the server by clicking Yes.

  6. The deletion status will be displayed as your files are deleted. Click Stop if you wish to abort the process. Click Report if you wish to view a detailed progress report.

  7. When deletion is complete, click OK.

  8. Close the detailed status report to return to the main menu.