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TSM Configure automatic nightly backups: Windows

  1. Go to the Start Screen and click on the down arrow to view All Programs, then locate Tivoli Storage Manager. Right-click on Backup-Archive GUI and select Run as Administrator. 
  2. A TSM Login window will pop up. Login in to the TSM server.

    tsm login
  3. On the Utilities menu, select Setup Wizard.

    utilities set up wizard
  4. Check the box next to Help me configure the TSM Client Scheduler and click Next.

    tsm configure wizard
  5. Begin defining the scheduler by clicking Next.

    scheduler wizard
  6. Choose to Install a new or additional scheduler. Click Next.

    scheduler task
  7. Name the schedule TSM Client Scheduler. Check the box next to Use the Client Acceptor daemon... (under Local Machine) and click Next.

    scheduler name and location
  8. Leave the TSM acceptor name as is and click Next.

    web service name
  9. Leave the Option File Name as is and click Next.

    option file name
  10. Leave the Port Number as is and click Next.

    port number
  11. The Node Name should display your personal node name. If it doesn't, you likely configured the dsm.opt file incorrectly. Enter your TSM Password and click Next.

    tsm authentication
  12. Keep The System account selected. Click on the radio button next to Automatically when Windows boots and click Next.

    service login options
  13. Leave the log file names as they are and click Next.

    log file names locations
  14. Choose Yes and click Next.

    start options
  15. Click Apply at the confirmation screen.

    confirm and apply
  16. You should now see the Completing your configuration box and be taken back to the main Tivoli Storage Manager window. Configuration is now complete.
  17. You can check whether the automatic TSM-Backup Scheduler worked by visiting your TSM Backup and Archive Administrator webpage the next day and seeing the results.