IBM Spectrum Protect initiate overnight backups: Mac OS X

Storage and backupsStorage and backups

  1. In the Finder, navigate to the Application folder and then open the IBM Spectrum Protect folder. Double-click on IBM Spectrum Protect Tools for Administrators.

    IBM spectrum protect tools for administrators icon

  2. Select Start the Client Acceptor Daemon in the dialog box and click OK. Note: if you are upgrading from an older version of TSM, Stop the Client Acceptor Daemon first.

    scheduler start
  3. Click OK.

    scheduler wait notice
  4. Enter your computer's administrator username and password.

  5. Click OK once the scheduler has started.

    scheduler successful
  6. Click the Apple icon (upper left corner of your display) and select System Preferences..., then select Energy Saver.

  7. Change the Sleep settings to Never. (You may need to click the lock to make changes, located in the bottom left of the window.)

  8. Close all open windows.