Digital Signage Packages

Technology Solutions Centre


If you are interested in purchasing digital signage, first contact University Communications + Marketing to go over the Digital Signage Program and to initiate a new project. 

1) Ordering Player Computers, Display Mounts and Accessories

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You can use the portal to submit standard orders directly to Microserve or to generate quotes for your WebReqs. Check out our FAQ page for more information about the Microserve portal. 

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General users include people creating a shopping cart as well as quotes for WebReqs.


2) Ordering Displays

 For digital displays, please create an estimate below and submit your webreq to the TSC with AVI-SPL Canada Ltd. as the vendor.

*The prices listed here are provided by our suppliers and can change without notice. If you require exact pricing due to limited funds, please let us know and we will obtain a current quote for you.


Display Sharp PN-R426 display - $1552.94
  • 42" diagonal screen size
Display Sharp PN-R496 display - $1887.06
  • 49" diagonal screen size
Display Sharp PN-R556 display - $2731.76
  • 55" diagonal screen size
Display Sharp PN-E603 display - $3464.41
  • 60" diagonal screen size
Display Sharp PN-E703 display - $4811.47
  • 70" diagonal screen size