UVic Digital Signage Program

Submit content

Hosting and event? Want to get the word out to students about great opportunities on campus? Submit a slide for free to the Digicaster to get your message distributed across the entire digital signage network on campus!

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Digicaster templates are available to download for free to help you create content for digital signage.

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Training and support

We provide resources, guidance and support to faculties, departments and units interested in creating Digicaster content or managing your own signage.

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Join the program

Any UVic unit may participate in the Digicaster program, whether that be by submitting content for rotation on the displays or signing up to get a display for your unit's building. Let us provide you with the information you need to make a decision about whether digital signage is right for your unit.

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What is digital signage?

Digital signage refers to the public-area flat-panel displays on campus used specifically for the distribution of information and strategic messaging to the on-campus community. 

What is the Digicaster program?

The Digicaster program brings together all public area digital signage across campus into a shared content management system called CoolSign. This central network allows all campus units to engage with our audiences better.

This network provides a campus-wide interal communication tool and a supplement to emergency notifications system.

Benefits of a centralized network

The Digicaster benefits the UVic campus community in the following ways:

  • Provides faculty, researchers, staff and students with a digital signage platform to communicate engaging departmental messaging to students, colleagues and people on campus.
  • Provides the university with an extensive, connected network of digital signage to push consistent and unified strategic messaging.
  • Provides the university with an efficient centralized communication system for emergency messaging.
  • Provides UVic units with a supported solution, cost-shared program and additional support services for digital signage.
  • Elevates the overall perception of the university to current and prospective students as a university that leverages and welcomes the benefits of new technology.
  • Allows viewers to interact with the UVic identity using a digital medium.
  • Offers departments flexibility in the types of messaging formats, both static and dynamic (photos, movie files, animations, dynamic web content, social media, etc.).
  • Allows for strategic implementation of information on campus (information can be segmented and published to the areas of campus where it is most applicable).

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