Once you've signed up for the digital signage program, your content manager(s) will recieve training on how to navigate the program. 

Your content manager(s) will learn how to navigate the TelemetryTV content management system. They’ll also learn how to create effective content and messages for your audiences.

What's a content manager?

A content manager creates, manages and schedules all content on your digital signage system. Read more about content management duties.

When does training happen?

New content managers should be trained before installing a Digicaster, or as roles transition. Training is provided in Brightspace as a self-guided lesson plan with two levels.

  • Level 2 training: TelemetryTV fundamentals

Level 1 training must be complete before access to the content management system TelemetryTV is granted. The training program overall will take approximately 2 hours to complete. We recommend including an alternate in training to take over during absences.

Access the training program in Brightspace.

Quick reference how-tos

Here are some content management how-tos. These topics are all covered in the Brightspace training.

Getting started

Logging in

Navigating TelemetryTV

Creating content

TelemetryTV supports three main content formats: static images, videos and dynamic content via Apps (i.e., video stream via YouTube link, social media feed, local weather feed, etc.).

You have two ways to create content for your digital signage: either outside of TelemetryTV (import content into TelemetryTV) or within TelemetryTV (create content entirely within TelemetryTV). 

Any content created for digital signage, within or outside of TelemetryTV, must adhere to digital signage program and content standards.

Creating content outside of TelemetryTV

Creating content entirely within TelemetryTV

Canva is a third-party graphic design tool that is not managed by TelemetryTV or UVic. Using Canva to create digital signage content is optional.

You require an account to log into Canva. If you’re creating a Canva account for the first time to manage your digital signage, use your preferred work email address but do not use your Netlink passphrase. Never use your Netlink passphrase to log in to a service that is not managed by UVic.

Managing content (basics)

Managing content (intermediate)