TelemetryTV software

The software at the heart of UVic's Digicaster digital signage program is a content management platform called TelemetryTV. UVic is partnered with BCNET to operate a shared-license service for this system.

Access to TelemetryTV is permission-based. Access can be granted to unit representatives, called Content Managers, within units that own digital signage to support management of their screen(s). If you are content manager that requires access to the service, contact the

Log in to TelemetryTV now

If you have questions or issues regarding TelemetryTV, check out the Help Center.

For issues not covered there, you can contact Live Support on the homepage of the TelemetryTV interface (M-F 8 a.m. 5 p.m. PST) or reach out to the .

You can also view TelemetryTV’s production status via Checkly. More information about Checkly API monitoring can be found in the TelemetryTV Help Centre.