Digital signage templates

Static digital signage templates are available for free to help the UVic community create content for digital signage. These provided PowerPoint templates meet the standards of the UVic design guidelines for digital signage.

Downloading the templates

Anyone who wants to create content for digital signage can download the templates using the download links below. The themed template packages below include a number of format options designed to provide varied layouts that can accommodate diverse assets.


Below are four different themed template packages: light blue, dark blue, white as well as a package of varied faculty colours.

Within each downloadable template are 15+ different layout options, each with options for images or text only. The faculty version contains five options of each faculty colour and have been created with course promotion in mind.

The various layout options can be accessed by selecting new slide or layouts from the options panel once the file has been downloaded and opened in PowerPoint.

template light blue - thumbnail

Light blue templates




template image -thumbnail

Faculty (course promo) templates


template white - thumbnail

White templates


template dark blue - thumbnail

Dark blue templates