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Hosting an open house in your faculty? Want to get the word out to students about great events or opportunities on campus?

Submit a slide to the central content playlist to get your message distributed across the entire digital signage network on campus for free!

Specifications for central content

The central content playlist is available to our university community to assist in the promotion of events and activities occurring within or outside the campus involving our faculty, students, staff and community members. Content applicable for the playlist must be relevant and consistent with UVic’s mission and values as outlined in the Strategic Framework.

Some examples of appropriate content:

  • UVic sponsored events and activity promotion that is free of charge
  • Campus-wide information, announcements, updates and news

Are there restrictions on slide content?

Yes. The following are not acceptable:

  • Commercial content and/or third-party advertising (content should not include prices/fees)
  • Non-university sponsored events and initiatives
  • Political advocacy or the promotion of political events
  • Job postings
  • Private events (exclusive to certain populations of the campus community)
  • Personal announcements such as housing and ride share requests, for sale/wanted items, etc.
  • Announcements, messages, language or media that are inconsistent with the University’s mission and values
  • Content that promotes or encourages liquor or cannabis consumption, or promotes liquor or cannabis as the focus of an event

The University of Victoria reserves the right to delete content that violates UVic’s policy on Responsible Use of Information Technology Services, privacy or other legislation, or the terms of these guidelines.

These guidelines have been created in compliance with and will adhere to the UVic Events Calendar guidelines and Campus poster policy.

Student clubs and course unions

Student clubs and course unions have an opportunity to submit content for central rotation. In addition to following the same parameters mentioned above, clubs and course unions must:

  • be currently registered with the UVSS
  • promote on-campus community/cultural events open to all students or communicate information relevant to the entire student population
  • not promote alcohol or cannabis sales or consumption, explicitly or implicitly

How do I submit a slide?

Send an email to , making sure that your submissions*:

  • adhere to the design guidelines and specifications
  • are submitted as a 1920x1080 JPEG for static content
  • are submitted as a 1080p mp4 or webm for video content (Videos must have no audio and should be no more than 15 seconds in duration)
  • include a requested start and end date (max: one month)
  • be submitted at least one week before the desired start date

Design templates are available for use here.

*Acceptance is not guaranteed. Even if your slide meets these content specifications, it may not be added into central content during periods of high content volume.


At any time, there will be a maximum of sixty slides from internal units and ten slides from student clubs/course unions central content rotation. To accommodate this, units* must:

  • Submit no more than two slides to the playlist for rotation at a time
  • Specify an expiry date for all content. Content can rotate for up to one month.

During times of high volume of communications, each unit's content limit will be reduced to a one-slide maximum and additional content may be removed from the playlist prior to the specified end date.

*Units include all of the programs within them, e.g., the School of Music is a unit and the specific programs within the school do not count as separate units. Units are encouraged to plan strategically around content being submitted centrally.

Content renewal

If a unit is interested in re-submitting a slide for rotation after the initial month, the slide will be reconsidered based on volume of content upon resubmission. If the unit does not have other content in rotation, or if the playlist is not at max capacity, the slide will be reconsidered. Scheduling for a repeat slide, however, is not guaranteed and will bumped first out of rotation as content increases.

Because of these requirements it is strongly advised that unit’s only consider strategic content for rotation (event-based, call to action, etc.), as opposed to general promo.

For more information, please contact .