Generating effective content

generating effective content - OHSE example
Occupational Health & Safety

The key to a successful digital signage is a content plan. No matter how many displays you manage within the Digicaster networkone, two or twentyeffective strategy and planning is crucial to reach the Digicaster's full potential.

Prepare your content plan

These are important questions to answer as you make a content plan for your digital signage. 

  • Who is your intended audience (current students, faculty, staff, visitors, etc.)?
  • What types information do you want your audience to know?
  • What information does your audience want to know?  
  • What types of initiatives are happening in your unit across the calendar year? 
  • How regularly will you update content?
  • Do you have the resources to create and manage content in a timely manner? 

Content suggestions

Effective digital signage content combines strategic messaging with informative, accessible and entertaining visuals. Your content should have a distinct connection with its environment and the people who work, live, and study in those spaces. Below is a list of suggestions for content that will make your signage both attention-grabbing and memorable.

  • Events and activities
  • Important announcements & deadlines
  • Services information
  • Faculty profiles
  • Student photography/campus photos/photo contests
  • Student work showcases (films, art, projects, etc.)
  • Campus trivia (i.e., Did you know?)
  • Social media (i.e., Twitter/Instagram updates)
  • Web-based dynamic content

Check out the content gallery for a few ideas. 

Students, faculty and staff can also submit content to central content or to their local signage administrator to request rotation on individual displays.

Please note that third-party created advertising is prohibited on the entire campus network.