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Toll-free service (1-800 numbers)

This typical toll-free configuration is obtained by dedicating it to a UVic Local. The UVic local is not used for any inbound or outbound local calling; it is used only for inbound toll-free calling. The UVic local can be terminated on a multi-line telephone set and can be configured with a separate voice messaging service. A toll-free line can also be programmed to an existing local that is used for incoming and outgoing calls but there will be no notification that the party is calling the toll-free number.

The monthly service fees are dependant on what you anticipate your usage to be. If you anticipate using less than $150 per month, the monthly service fee is $8.

You may configure the toll-free number to support callers calling from different areas. Please note that if a caller calls the toll-free number from Victoria, you will be charged as if the call originated from area code 250. This cannot be avoided. Therefore you should advertise a different contact number to your Victoria clients.

The per minute rate is billed at a 30 second minimum, in 6-second increments. The per minute costs for specific area codes are as follows:

Area code 250 and 604 $0.15
Area code 403 $0.27
All other Canadian area codes $0.34
US area codes $0.36

In addition, off peak and volume discounts are provided. For more information or to order a toll-free line, email Network Services at  with the following information:

  • What local 250-xxx-xxxx should this number be piggybacked/terminated onto
  • FAST account to be charged
  • Area of coverage: North America, BC, International
  • Directory Assistance Listing: Should this be published to 411-listing name
  • Company name, billing address