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Order a new analogue line or re-purpose an existing line for analogue use (i.e. for devices such as a fax, alarm, modem, elevator phone, or terminal)

To request a new analogue line or re-purpose an existing line for a fax machine, alarm, modem, elevator phone, or other purpose, please email with the following details:

  • Where is the local going to be installed (i.e. building, room number, etc.)?
  • Is there an existing unused device or data jack (wallport) in the location? Or is new wiring required?
  • Who is the install for (i.e. department, name, etc.)?
  • What is the local for (i.e. fax machine, alarm, modem, elevator phone, POS terminal, etc.)?
  • What FAST code will be charged?

If you would like the ability to separate the long distance calls, you may request the "authorization code" feature. This allows up to six different codes and can be used to separate long distance calls for six different users and/or six different FAST codes. For more information about fax machines, see Installing a fax machine.


The cost to install/configure a port for analogue use is $217. This price covers the cost of installing a new UVic local number (if required), but not the installation of a new wall port (new wiring). If a new wall port (new wiring) must be installed, the cost is approximately $300 additional per port/line.

Lead time

If you require the analogue installation for a specific date, please provide Network Services with enough lead time in order to properly install the necessary components and configure the analogue line. Additional time should be allotted if new wiring needs to be run.

Ordering a telephones

If you are looking to install a VoIP telephone, please visit the Technology Solutions Centre. This may require the installation of a data line.