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Ongoing telephone (VoIP) service rates

As of April 1, 2020, Network Services has updated their telephone service rates. View the chart below to learn more.

Service Rate Unit Description

VoIP monthly fee

* only applied once for handsets and softphones sharing lines


per line


Connection for Cisco VoIP handsets, softphones, and fax lines connected to a gateway. Allows calling on campus and outward to the public telephone system.
Direct dial phone number 0.99 per line Allows direct dialing to the phone from off campus.
Long distance (North America) 0.029 per minute Charges incurred for long distance dialing within North America (from campus telephones).
Voicemail 1.21 per mailbox Allows access to voicemail messages using a telephone handset or email client.
411 call charge 0.85 per call Canada 411 directory call charges.
Audio conference 0.11 per minute, per participant

Charges incurred for audio conference calls.

Menu Tree 0.00 per tree

Separate charge for associated DID and voice mailbox.

IP Message Broadcasting 2.96 per month

Integration of VoIP Speaker to Campus Telephone System. Enables Message Broadcasting to specified recipient groups. Speakers costs are separate.

Teams Phone 3.25 per month

With Teams Phone, you can use Microsoft Teams to place and receive calls, transfer calls, and mute or unmute calls.