Computer Help Desk

The Service Centre is your single point of contact for University Systems. Contact us to report any problems with, request help for, or ask for additional information regarding any service offered by University Systems.
Marcus Greenshields - Associate Director, Service Management


The Service Centre provides information and advice to faculty, staff and students of the university for the services offered by University Systems. If you cannot find the information you require on our web site, or if you need assistance, please contact us.

Details of the service that we provide to all members of the university community can be found in our service level commitment.

We also resolve any problems that users may encounter and accept work orders for computer equipment repair.

Computer Help Desk consultants

The Computer Help Desk is staffed by a number of analysts, often working part-time to cover our extended hours. Typically our consultants are students at UVic with strong backgrounds in computer science or engineering. They operate under the supervision of the manager of the Computer Help Desk. If you ever feel that your problem or request is not being dealt with adequately, please ask to speak to the manager.

Tracking and resolution of problems

When the Computer Help Desk consultants are unable to provide instant answers, your query will be recorded and tracked in our Help Desk On-line Management and Event Recording System (HOMER). Some queries will be researched by the Computer Help Desk analysts from the many technical tools that we have. Others will be passed to senior technical staff within University Systems. Be aware that resolutions to some queries, and some of the services that we offer will involve more than one staff member and this may take some time. The status of your query or request for service can be determined at any time from our on-line system, HOMER.

Computer Help Desk Support

Our hours of operation can be found on the locations and hours page.


For our supported products, there is no charge for information, advice and initial problem resolution, but you will be subject to fees for extended assistance.

Charging rates Students Faculty, Staff, and Others
Initial consultation No charge. Maximum of 15 minutes. No charge. Maximum of 15 minutes.
Configuration to access campus network resources including:
  • UVic network
  • ResNet
  • Wireless
  • Public Access Network ports
No charge. No charge.
System rebuild: data will be backed up and scanned for viruses; hard drive will be formatted; Operating System will be reinstalled; security updates will be applied; data will be restored; and anti-virus software will be installed. You will need your media, and proof of ownership. You may lose customization and preferences. $50.00, flat rate. $75.00 per hour.
Cleaning a virus infected system by rebuild. This is the recommended method. For details, see above. $50.00, flat rate. $75.00 per hour.
Recovering lost or damaged data. $50.00 per hour. $75.00 per hour.
Installation of software applications. $50.00 per hour. $75.00 per hour.
User-installable hardware installation by a Hardware Certified Consultant. $50.00 per hour. $75.00 per hour.
General troubleshooting of hardware/software problems. $50.00 per hour. $75.00 per hour.

Prices include applicable taxes. Hourly rates will be pro-rated in $25 increments.