Network Services

We strive to constantly evolve the network to meet the needs and expectations of our community.
Administrator - Network Services


Our goal is to make it easy for members and guests of the university to access information technology services through the network while protecting the privacy of their communications and protecting university resources from unauthorized use and abuse.

We seek to continuously improve our standards of availability, to maximize performance of research networks, and to maintain effective performance levels for all in our connections to the commercial Internet.


Network Services is responsible for the design, development, and operation of the university's voice and data networks. We collaborate with other universities and external agencies to design, develop, and operate data networks within the region, including connections to national and international research networks and the Internet.

  • Network engineering
    • Campus network and Victoria Transit Exchange
    • Network architecture
    • Network security
    • Network fault and performance standards
    • New services investigation and development
    • Detailed network design and builds
    • Consulting services for campus systems and network administrators
    • Third-level network troubleshooting
  • Network support systems development
    • Commodity Internet traffic management
    • DNS and DHCP services
    • DNS and IP address administration systems
    • Network fault and performance monitoring
    • Network connections database
    • Network audit database
    • Change and fault management systems
  • Network operations
    • Network and support systems monitoring and log analysis
    • First-level support for campus systems and network administrators
    • Second-level support for general user community (first level is the Computer Help Desk)
    • Application maintenance for network support systems (Intermapper, CiscoWorks, etc.)

Issue notification

The Informed System provides messages about planned and unplanned events affecting delivery of IT services on campus. You may visit the web site periodically or choose to subscribe to email message delivery for a broad range of IT service categories which may be of importance to you.

Network Services maintains on-site support Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Outside of these hours, we are available to assist with problem resolution on a best-effort basis.

If your problem is urgent, is impacting your service delivery (e.g. you cannot teach your class), or is affecting your whole workgroup or department, then after reporting the problem to the Computer Help Desk please call the Network Services Trouble Line at 721-7654. Please provide your contact information and briefly describe the nature of your problem.