Project Management Office

Formal project management supports project success through effective planning, communication, learning from past challenges, and continuous improvement.
Scott Thompson - Manager, Project Management Office, Administrative Operations, and Communications

Have a project or idea?

If you are initiating a business process enhancement, software or hardware purchase and implementation, or have an idea for a project and aren't sure where to start, contact


The PMO provides project management support services to all projects in Systems, focusing on delivering world-class project management support to enterprise-wide projects as well as providing portfolio management skills for all projects in University Systems.


  • Providing a supportive project management office
  • Managing the Systems project portfolio
  • Providing project management methodology, support, consulting and training services for all staff
  • Managing projects when necessary
  • Managing the project management toolset and templates
  • Supporting and assessing project managers

About this site

This site is designed to provide information about the Systems PMO Methodology, Templates, and Systems projects. This site is complemented by the PMO Connect site, which is accessible to all active UVic employees.