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Microsoft software downloads

This software is available for departments, faculty, and staff under the terms of the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) license agreement.  

What is the cost?

This agreement is funded centrally by the University and software is available for download by departments, faculty, and staff for use on UVic-owned computers at no cost. For more information you can view the benefits of the Microsoft EES license that are available for faculty and staff at UVic.

Who can use this software?

  • Departments
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Researchers

End User License Agreement

Use of this software is governed by the End User License Agreement that is provided with each software title.

How do I activate this software?

The software provided below is activated using the Microsoft Software Activation service.  To activate Microsoft software using this service, the workstation must be connected to the UVic network or accessing the UVic network using VPN.

Software download

Microsoft Office for macOS

The following images can be mounted on your Mac to install Office. The images do not require a CD key.

For Office 2019, run the office installer first followed by the serializer to license your Office installation.

Microsoft Office for Windows

The following images can be mounted or burned to a DVD disc.  The images do not require a CD key.

Microsoft Windows - for UVic-owned workstations only

Faculty and staff can contact the Computer Help Desk or the Technology Solutions Centre to obtain Windows 10 Enterprise Edition for installation on UVic-owned computers.