Microsoft 365 feature request

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that combines Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with cloud services like OneDrive, Exchange Online (email), Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint. Microsoft, third-party companies, open-source communities, and in-house developers can create add-ins or apps for all Microsoft cloud services. There are also built-in features to Microsoft 365 that have not yet been enabled for the UVic community’s Microsoft 365 accounts.

This webpage provides a brief overview of factors that must be considered before a new Microsoft 365 feature, app, or add-in is enabled and what you can do to request a new feature. It also documents each of the add-ins and apps that have been installed within existing UVic Microsoft 365 services.

Checkout our Microsoft 365 Support page for a full overview of the Microsoft 365 services that have been enabled.

Requesting features

When a Microsoft 365 feature is requested, many considerations factor into the work required to enable it:

  • Technical requirements. Does the feature require technical pre-requisites we are unable to configure for UVic Microsoft 365 accounts?
  • Licensing requirements. Does the feature require licensing or come with a cost to UVic?
  • Privacy considerations. Does the feature’s personal information collection, use, disclosure, storage or retention practices require UVic to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment?
  • Security considerations. Is it safe for UVic to trust the requested feature with UVic data?
  • Functionality. Does the feature provide capabilities that are already available to UVic through existing Microsoft 365 services? Is the feature not suitable for a post-secondary institution?
  • Prioritization. How much time will it take to review the items above, and how do we ensure that time is spent on features that will provide the most benefit?

Submitting a feature request for review

  1. Start by downloading the M365 feature request form.
  2. Fill out the form to the best of your ability. We'll need all of the information for the review. If you need help with the form, contact the Computer Help Desk.
  3. Email the Computer Help Desk with your completed feature request form attached.
  4. Your request will be submitted for review.

Some Microsoft 365 features available through add-on licenses (eg, Microsoft Project or Visio) can be purchased by UVic departments through the Technology Solutions Center. Learn more about how to order add-on licenses for Microsoft 365 services.

Enabled features

The following is a summary of the Microsoft 365 add-on and app requests that have been reviewed and enabled for use.

Microsoft 365 Office Add-ins

Important note: Microsoft 365 Office add-ins do not work for NetLink IDs with email accounts located within UVic’s employee email system. Microsoft 365 email accounts (Exchange Online hosted email) are a technical pre-requisite for access to Microsoft 365 Office add-ins.

Microsoft Teams Apps

Checkout our Teams App webpage at the following link for a full list of enabled Microsoft Teams Apps at UVic.

Have more questions?

If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, please reach out to the Computer Help Desk.