Increase timeouts: iPhone and iPad

Follow these instructions to reconfigure the timeout on your device. The Exchange Mobile Device Security settings enforces a maximum lock timeout on mobile devices of 15 minutes.

  1. Tap Settings, then General, then Auto-Lock.
  2. Select a timeout value of 15 minutes or less. The shorter the time, the more secure the device will be. (Note that options differ depending on the device.)

  3. Tap General to return to the settings menu.

You can also update the grace period after your iOS device locks and before it requires a passphrase to unlock.

  1. Go to Passcode Lock (tap Settings, General, then Passcode Lock) and enter your passcode at the prompt.

    Enter your passcode
  2. Tap Require Passcode.

    Passcode lock
  3. Select the grace period you prefer.

    Require Passcode