Exchange 2016 support for mobile devices

All active UVic employees are eligible for an Exchange email account. Here are some common support topics for using your Exchange account on a mobile device.

Please note: this support information has only been tested on mobile devices running supported versions of the iOS and Android operating systems. 

Using your Exchange account with iOS and Android devices

Configure Exchange for iOS devices

Before your start this procedure, it is assumed that you have:

  • a NetLink ID
  • a Microsoft Exchange account.
  • a mobile device running a supported version of iOS


  1. From the Home screen, click the Settings icon.

  2. Select Mail.

  3. Select Accounts.

  4. Click on Add Account.

  5. Select Microsoft Exchange as the account type.

  6. Enter your Netlink ID credentials and click Next.

    screenshot of exchange server setting screen with sample text entered

  7. Select the services that you want to synchronize with Exchange and press Save in the upper right corner. Note: If you have already entered contact or calendar data, it will be deleted and replaced with the information synchronized with Exchange.

  8. Your email should now be set up on your device.

Configure Exchange for Android devices

Please note:  Android devices do not fully support ActiveSync encryption so they are not a recommended standard.

Before your start this procedure, it is assumed that you have:

  • a NetLink ID
  • a Microsoft Exchange account.
  • a mobile device running Android version 8.1 or higher


These instructions were written using the Samsung Galaxy S10e running Android 11. Instructions may differ depending on your device.


  1. Go into Settings and select Accounts and backup.

  2. Select Manage accounts.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Add account.

  4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

  5. Enter your UVic email address and password. Then click Manual setup.

  6. If prompted, use UVic for the Domain (see the screenshot for details). For the Exchange server, use Connect using SSL. Tap Sign in.

    screenshot of exchange server settings page with sample text

  7. You may see a warning about security settings. Click Apply. If you do not already have a secure passcode set on your device, you will be prompted to create a new passcode. For instructions on how to do this, please visit: Set your passphrase Android devices

  8. You will now have an opportunity to review which features on your device your Exchange account will be able to control. Press Activate to finish setting up Exchange.

  9. Your Android device should now be configured for use with Microsoft Exchange.

My mobile device has an older operating system. Can I still use Exchange?

University Systems does not recommend using unsupported operating systems as your device is no longer receiving security updates and feature support. Compatible email apps may not be available for out-of-date devices.