File storage terms of service


The University of Victoria's File storage is an on-campus network-accessible file storage solution designed for students, faculty, staff, and departments to store files associated with teaching, learning, research, and administration at the University of Victoria.  Use of this service is subject to the following terms and conditions, rules, and guidelines.

University Policy

The use of the File storage is governed by University Policy IM7200 - Responsible Use of Information Technology Services. This policy pertains to the responsible use of information technology services.

Login Security

Access to the File storage is provisioned based on your NetLink ID.  You are responsible for maintaining the security of your NetLink ID. Under no circumstances should you give out your password to others or allow others to login using your account.


Access to the Personal home file storage (\\\<NetLinkID) is available only to current employees and students at the University of Victoria with a primary NetLink ID.

Upon leaving the university, you will lose access to your stored files. Once inactive for 365 days, your home folder will be removed.  If you would like assistance copying your files off of your home folder prior to leaving the university, please contact the Computer Help Desk for assistance.

Access to the Departmental file storage (\\\<department>) is controlled by the department who owns the file share.  Granting and removing user access is at the sole discretion of the department.

Access to file storage volumes will only be permitted from computing devices that are connected through: on-campus wired network connections, the “UVic” wireless network, and the UVic VPN service.

Storage Quotas

The Central Storage Infrastructure provides two tiers of file storage: Departmental file storage and Personal home file storage. 

Departmental file storage

Each department is provided with 5GB of storage per FTE of employees in the department.  Departmental support staff will begin to receive email warnings when 80% of this quota is consumed.  When the quota is reached, no additional files can be saved.  A larger quota can be purchased for departments requiring additional space.  Please contact the Computer Help Desk to request a quota increase.

Personal home file storage

Each student is provided with 5GB of storage.  Students will begin to receive email warnings when 80% of this quota is consumed.  When the quota is reached, no additional files can be saved.

Each faculty and staff member is provided with 20GB of storage.  Faculty and staff will begin to receive email warnings when 80% of this quota is consumed.  When the quota is reached, no additional files can be saved.

Backup and Recovery

File storage data will be backed up automatically every night.  Backups will be retained in accordance with University Systems data retention procedures for TSM backups.  The data owner is responsible for ensuring that files on the file storage are retained in accordance with Policy IM7700 - Records Management Policy.  Requests for data recovery can be made through the Computer Help Desk; requests for recovery will be fulfilled in accordance with Policy IM7700.

Copyright Obligations

You must comply with the Canadian Copyright Act and guidelines outlined by the University of Victoria Copyright Office. Nearly all text, images, audio, video and other information created by third parties, including material found on the Internet, are subject to copyright protection. When storing copyrighted content you must comply with the various conditions imposed by the author/creator of the work. The University of Victoria Copyright Office provides resources, guidelines, policies, and workshops through their website. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Copyright Officer.

Appropriate Content

You are responsible for content you store on the file storage. University Policy IM7200 outlines appropriate use and inappropriate use of Electronic Information Resources.

University Rights

The University of Victoria will investigate violations of appropriate use as outlined in Policy IM7200 - Responsible Use of Information Technology Services and this Terms of Service.  Violations will be addressed as outlined in the "Compliance" section of Policy IM7200.


The University of Victoria will endeavor to ensure that Personal home file storage is available 24 hours a day; however, access to this site may be suspended temporarily and without notice in circumstances of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond the control of the University of Victoria. More information about computing issues and outages can be found through the University Systems Informed feed.