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Email and calendar

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Email Lists (Mailman): Frequently asked questions

How do I request a mailing list (Mailman) for my course?

There are two types of course mail list requests:

  1. For Credit Course Mailing List Requests, click here.
  2. For other mailing list requests (including Non-Credit Courses), click here.

What happens after I request a mailing list (Mailman)?

It takes approximately 48 hours to create the list and provision it with your class list. You will receive an email from It will contain the admin password for accessing your list and several URLs for maintaining your list. Be sure to check your junk email folder as well as your inbox.

It is very important that you retain this email for your reference. It includes the administration web address specific to the course where you complete many actions, including configuration of the mailing list and sending messages to the list.

If you misplace this email, contact the Computer Help Desk.  Be sure to include:

  • Term
  • Course name and number
  • CRN
  • Your email (as list owner)

What if I misplace or do not receive the email?

If you misplace the email from, contact the Computer Help Desk.  Be sure to include:

  • Term
  • Course name and number
  • CRN
  • Your email (as list owner)

Do I need to add my students to the course mailing list (Mailman)?

No, students enrolled in your course are automatically subscribed to your mailing list and will receive notification. For approximately two weeks after the course start date, students will automatically be added or dropped.

Do I need to add myself to the course mailing list (Mailman)?

When you establish a mailing list, you are not automatically added as a subscriber. This means that you must subscribe yourself if you want to receive messages that are posted to the list.

To add yourself to your list:

  1. Log in at your course admin site (URL: and go to the Membership Management section of your list's administration pages.
  2. Click on the sub-menu link Mass Subscription.
  3. Type your email address in the box and then click submit. In a short time, you should receive your subscription notification from Mailman via email.

How do students know they have been added to a course mailing list (Mailman)?

When a course mailing list is created, students officially enrolled in that specific course are automatically added to the mailing list. When this process is complete, the student will receive an email welcome message which contains important addresses and URL's for that specific mailing list.

It is highly recommended that a Welcome Message is sent to students (which is the default setting).

How do I add TAs to my course mailing list (Mailman)?

There are two ownership roles associated with each mailing list. You have the choice depending on what you want your TA's to do.

The List Administrators are the people who have ultimate control over all parameters of this mailing list. They are able to change any list configuration variable available through these administration web pages. List Administrators can also tend to pending requests. Generally, TA's are not given this role.

The List Moderators have more limited permissions; they are not able to change any list configuration variable, but they are allowed to tend to pending administration requests, including approving or rejecting held subscription requests, and disposing of held postings.
To add a TA as either a List Administrator or List Moderator:

  1. Login to your Mailman Administration area.
  2. Under General Options, you will see 'The list administrator email addresses' and 'The list moderator email addresses'.
  3. In the respective boxes type the persons email address (one email address per line).
  4. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Submit your changes'.

How do I change my mailing list (Mailman) configuration options?

Changes to a list configuration are done by the list owner. Most of the options are explained on the administrative web page where you can make changes to your list.

The administrative web page for your list will be found at:

How do I close/remove a mailing list (Mailman) for a course?

You must contact the the Computer Help Desk.  Be sure to include:
  • Term
  • Course name and number
  • CRN
  • Your email (as list owner)

Who do I contact for mailing list assistance?

For assistance with this service, please contact the Computer Help Desk:

Telephone: 250-721-7687
In person: Locations & hours

How do I set my mailing list (Mailman) so that only I can send?

This is a 3 step process - presuming your list is called "200809-mylist-crn":

  1. Go to: and, click "yes" to the top question "By default, should new list member postings be moderated?" and press the "Submit Your Changes" button.
  2. Go to click "On" to the question "Set everyone's moderation bit, including those members not currently visible" and press the "Set" button
  3. Find your own membership record and others that you want to enable to post and and click the "Mod" box so it is blank and  press the "Submit Your Changes" button

What mailing list URLs should I keep handy?

  • List Administrator URL (change the configuration of your list):
  • List Moderator URL (approve or reject pending posting requests):              
  • List Information Page (subscribe, view archives):          
  • List Personal Configuration Options (obtain forgotten password, change configuration, unsubscribe password for lists you are subscribed as a member):  
  • E-mail Address to post Messages to List: