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View your students' accommodations & make and verify exam arrangements!  

Important notice for Mac users:  

  • Please use the "Review Html letter" instead of viewing accommodation letters as PDF documents in the Mac Previewer.
  • PDF downloads of the letter will not open for you if you use Safari.
  • We recommend using Firefox for interacting with the instructor self serve if you are using a Mac.

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Instructor self serve

"How to" tutorials are available to learn how to use all the features of the (Clockwork) self serve portal and an FAQ is available. 

For instructors, tutorials covering how to access letters of academic accommodation and making/confirming test and exam arrangements are particularly important.

Who should I talk to, to get direct assistance with ClockWork?  I want to make sure I’m doing it correctly.

Give us a call and we can book a time to come to your office and give you a hand.

My student shared the letter of accommodation with me but hasn’t booked the exam for next week at RCSD.  What do I do?

There are a variety of reasons why a student might not book. 

  • Students with sporadic disabilities may not need to write with RCSD when they are doing well.
  • Some courses have material built in a way that the experience is completely accessible to the student, so they choose to write with the class. Kudo’s to you!
  • The student may have missed the deadline.

You should also know that it is your student’s responsibility to make arrangements to write exams at the RCSD.

I submitted information to you about my exam and uploaded it and hit the “submit” button on the self serve.  Then, RCSD sent me an email asking me to do that again.  What is going on?

We are finding that after a student makes a booking online, instructors are going in and creating a duplicate exam for that date. 

If there is already an exam booking with the correct date in the “Tests and exams” table, please use that booking when confirming and attaching details and materials.  You can edit the details the student reported if they are incorrect (i.e. the start time is off by 10 mins, etc.) when you click “confirm” on the booking. 

If you create a duplicate, our system treats them like two different exams--then the system will start sending you automated notifications and reminders for both. 

Why can’t I choose a proper duration for my exam using the time tool?  The time increments don’t match the course timetable.

You can click on the Test start time and Test end time boxes and manually type the exact start and stop time. 

graphic image showing manual entry of test start and stop time

I am responsible for multi-section lab exams where the exam information is the same across all labs. Why do I have to enter the same information repeatedly for similar sections? 

Unfortunately the ClockWork software doesn’t have a replicate/copy function in the current version.  Therefore, if you have 3 identical lab sections you will need to enter the exam information for the 3 lab exams separately.  We have requested this copy/duplicate functionality be included in the next version of the ClockWork software.

I expect that tests or exams on the test list for my course should be in chronological order, but they are not.
  • We have requested the software vendor consider making the list chronological and not by booking creation date--which is how it displays now.
  • We are noticing that instructors are going to the top of the test list and then inputting data that doesn’t correspond to the intended date. Please make sure that when you are uploading exams or inputting invigilation information, you are clicking on the correct exam date.
I created a bunch of exams bookings one day, and then accidentally entered the same data again. I want to delete the duplicate exam booking. How do I do that?

Contact us so we can review the files and figure out what the best course of action is. 

Once I log into the instructor self serve, the web page doesn’t looks like the UVic standard. How do I know this is legitimate and secure?

The ClockWork software vendor has created a simple interface so it remains compatible with as many post-secondary student information systems as possible, and to ensure the system is accessible to screen readers.  We are unable to change this aspect of the software.  The system is encrypted and relies on a secure netlink authenticated login managed and supported by University Systems and its use is governed by applicable university privacy, information security and technology use policies.

I am not the instructor on a particular lab or tutorial or lecture.  Why do I get notifications from ClockWork as if I am?

ClockWork associates you as the contact on a given section as it shows in Banner.  If there is no lab or tutorial instructor data in Banner, then the primary instructor on the lecture section is automatically assigned as the contact.  If you need to be removed as an instructor on a course or another instructor needs to be added, contact the Administrative Officer from your department so that change can be made in Banner.

I am the primary instructor, so why are other instructors showing within ClockWork as contacts on my cousre? 

All instructors listed as resonsible for a course in Banner are connected in ClockWork to that course. They will all receive notifications regarding student accommodation needs when students request to share letters of accommodations for the course and they will all have access to the exam booking functions of ClockWork for the course.   

What emails will I receive from ClockWork each term for my course?
  • Instant notification email from notifying you a student has shared the letter of accommodation with you. If a change is made to the accommodations for that student, you will receive another email from the student’s advisor so you know.

  • When students book exams with RCSD you will receive an email notification from

Sept to April:

  • that an exam booking has been made by a student or student(s) 13 days prior to the test or exam
  • and a reminder 4 days prior to the test or exam

May to Aug:

  • that an exam booking has been made by a student 6 days prior to the test or exam
  • and a reminder 2 days prior to the test or exam
Why can’t I just email your office exam details instead of entering them on the instructor self serve?

With over 10,500 exams each year at RCSD, we no longer have the ability to contact everyone for this information.  When entered through the self serve by instructors directly, all the correct data our invigilation staff need to know from you is available to them in real time. 

In our experience, we don’t consistently receive the complete information we need to invigilate exams using email. This makes it necessary for us to contact instructors for additional information, and then, for any new information about the exam as the date gets closer.

Are there deadlines for submitting exam details on the self serve

Yes, some.  Cutoff dates are in place so we have enough reasonable notice to make arrangements.

Sept to April:

  • you can change the date and time of an exam up to 24 hours prior to that exam

  • you can change exam details and upload exam file(s) up to 30 mins before exam

May to August:

  • you can change the date and time of an exam up to 24 hours prior to that exam

  • you can change exam details and upload exam file(s) up to 30 mins before the exam

ClockWork is a complete scheduling and data management solution used by disability services departments in many Universities and Colleges in North America.

It simplifies and centralizes the coordination of academic accommodations for students with disabilities and the scheduling of appointments, workshops, exams, rooms and resources with a focus on ease of use and flexibility.

It also functions as a comprehensive and secure data management system with a unique form editor tool that ensures seamless integration and provides the ability to adapt to changes from year to year.

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If your students are writing CourseSpaces tests and need extended time to complete, please follow these instructions to extend their time: