Connect to the UVicGuest Wi-Fi service

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The UVicStart Guest Wireless network provides an open Wi-Fi service for campus visitors. 

Before you begin: 

  • this service is intended for basic email and web browsing, not multimedia streaming or downloads.
  • your user account will last for 24 hours after registration. You will need to register again once it expires.
  • the registration process includes an email link. You may have to check your junkmail folders if you don't receive it within a few minutes of registering. 
  • Be wary if you receive one of these emails without registering for access. UVic will never request any personal information from you aside from your email to register and your guest login information.
  • You will not need to install anything to access UVicStart.


  1. On your device, click on UVicStart in your list of available networks.

  2. You will be redirected to the UVicStart Guest Wireless page. Click on the Register button.

    uvic guest wireless login page. Register button at top of page, username and password fields at bottom

  3. You will be redirected to the UVicStart Email Registration page. Enter your email address, read and accept Terms and Conditions, then click Register.

    terms and conditions for guest wireless service

  4. The Temporary Access page verifies that you are connected via UVicStart to internet access for a maximum of 15 minutes. You can close this page once your device shows as connected to internet, usually within 5 to 10 seconds.

    iPhone and iPad users: wait until the “Cancel” text changes to “Done” in the top-right corner before closing the window. All other users should be fine to close this page.

    temporary access page with instructions for next registration step

  5. The registration link will be sent to the email address you provided. You have 15 minutes to click the link or you will lose internet access.

    The email link will direct you to the page. It will only work on the UVicStart temporary access network.

    A username and password is provided in case you are unable to click the link in time. The username is your email address, sometimes with a number at the end, and the password is a random 4-digit number.

    registration email example with final registration step
    Your device will be registered when you click on the link. You will see the Success page:

    registration success page

  6. You will have access to the Guest Wireless network for 24 hours from time of registration. After 24 hours your user account will expire and you will need to register again.

  7. If you don't click the email link within the 15 minute window you'll be disconnected from UVicStart. You'll be redirected back to the beginning of the registration process.

    If you are re-directed to the UVicStart login page during your 24 hour access window, you can log back in with the username and password you received via email.

    uvicstart login page, username and password from registration email


Session not found error

session not found error because of session timeout or duplicate registration

You might see a Radius session not found error if:

You've already clicked the link from your email. Your device is already registered with an active session.

  • Fix: Disconnect from the UVicStart network. You should immediately have internet access when you reconnect.

The 15 minute registration period has expired. 

  • Fix: Start the registration process again. A new link will be emailed to you.


For further assistance, contact the Computer Help Desk.