Connect to Personal home file storage: Mac OS X

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NOTE:  Personal home file storage will be upgraded between 5:00 pm on December 22, 2015 and 7:00 am on December 23.  The following instructions will not be in effect until after the upgrade. For more information, please see the related University Systems feature page.

Personal home folder connection utility

The home folder connection utility will automatically connect to your personal home file storage on your Mac OS X computer.

Download now

Connect manually:

Personal home file storage is a temporary network storage space that is available to all UVic students, faculty, and staff. Personal home file storage can be used to store up to 1 GB of documents related to UVic coursework. All of the Mac workstations in UVic's computing facilities have personal home file storage mounted on the desktop, but you can also connect to it from your personal laptop or home computer, even from off-campus.

Before connecting to personal home file storage on your personal computer, ensure you

  1. From the Finder menu, click the Go menu and select Connect to Server....
  2. Type smb:// followed by your NetLink ID, then click Connect.

    connect to server
  3. Select Registered User. Enter UVIC\, followed by your NetLink ID. Enter your password and click Connect.

    enter netlink id and password