Gourab Ray

Gourab Ray
Assistant Professor
Mathematics and Statistics

PhD U of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Office: DTB A440

My research interest mainly lies in the intersection of probability theory, geometry and mathematical physics. Broadly, I look for large scale patterns in problems related to certain stochastic models with motivation coming from mathematical physics in most cases.

More precisely, I am interested in various topics which include random planar maps, random walks, lattice spin models, dimer model, Gaussian free field and its properties and Liouville quantum gravity.

More recently I have been interested in establishing universal Gaussian free field like behaviour on dimer models on a large class of graphs and surfaces.


  • Probability theory
  • Random planar maps
  • Random walks
  • Ising model and FK random cluster model
  • dimer model
  • Gaussian free field and its properties
  • Liouville quantum gravity.


Selected Publications