Min Tsao

Min Tsao
Mathematics and Statistics

PhD Simon Fraser University

Office: DTB-A544

My current research interests include nonparametric methods of inference, especially the empirical likelihood method, and statistical applications in biosciences, climate studies and social sciences. In recent years, I developed an extended empirical likelihood which generalizes the original empirical likelihood to the full parameter space while maintaining its geometric advantages. The extended empirical likelihood is substantially more accurate than the original empirical likelihood. It has many applications in nonparametric inference.


  • Empirical likelihood theory
  • Biostatistics
  • Statistical methods in climate studies
  • Robust statistics
  • Saddlepoint approximation


Selected Publications

  • List of Selected Publications
  • M. Tsao and F. Wu. 2015. Two-sample extended empirical likelihood for estimating equations. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 142, 1-15.
  • M. Tsao and F. Wu. 2014. Extended empirical likelihood for estimating equations. Biometrika, 101, 703-710, with 12 pages online supplement.
  • M. Tsao and F. Wu. 2013. Empirical likelihood on full parameter space. Annals of Statistics, 41, 2176-2196.
  • M. Tsao. 2013. Extending the empirical likelihood by domain expansion. Canadian Journal of Statistics, 41, 257-274.
  • M. Tsao. 2012. An empirical depth function for multivariate data. Statistics and Probability Letters, 83, 213-218.
  • G. Coke and M. Tsao. 2010. Mixture model based clustering for long time-series. Journal of Time Series Analysis, 31, 451-464.
  • T. Lee, F. Zwiers and M. Tsao. 2008. Evaluation of proxy-based millennial reconstruction methods. Climate Dynamics, 31, 263-281.
  • G. Qin and M. Tsao. 2005. Empirical likelihood based inference for the derivative of the nonparametric regression function. Bernoulli, 11, 715-735.
  • M. Tsao. 2004. Bounds on coverage probabilities of the empirical likelihood ratio confidence regions. Annals of Statistics, 32, 1215-1221.
  • M. Tsao. 2000. On the random placement hypothesis. Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 7, 415-422.