Christopher Eagle

Christopher Eagle
Assistant Teaching Professor
Mathematics and Statistics

PhD University of Toronto

Office: DTB-A441

Mathematically, I am interested in mathematical logic, especially model theory and its applications to functional analysis. I have worked on applications of model theory to Banach spaces, C*-algebras, and general topology. I am also interested in the development of pure model theory, especially infinitary real-valued logics.

In mathematics education my main interest is in the role of language, and especially writing, in the process of teaching and learning mathematics.


  • Model theory of real-valued logics
  • Applications of model theory to functional analysis
  • Mathematics eduction

Selected Publications

  • Eagle, C.J., Farah, I., Hart, B., Kadets, B., Kalashnyk, V., and Lupini, M. Fraisse limits of C*-algebras. To appear in the Journal of Symbolic Logic.
  • Eagle, C.J. and Vignati, A. Saturation and elementary equivalence of C*-algebras. Journal of Functional Analysis 269 (2015), pp. 2631-2664.
  • Eagle, C.J. Omitting types in infinitary [0, 1]-valued logics. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 165 (2014), pp. 913-932.