Julie Zhou

Julie Zhou
Mathematics and Statistics

PhD U of Alberta

Office: DTB-A439

I am a statistician with strong research interests in robust statistics and optimal design of experiments. Robust statistical procedures are not sensitive to small deviations from model assumptions. When there are possible outliers in the data, robust procedures can identify outliers and perform estimation or hypothesis testing at the same time. I have developed robust estimators and applied robust procedures for various applications.

Optimal designs can be used in many research fields, where experiments are performed to develop new theories and/or improve the quality of processes and services, such as medical, natural and social sciences as well as engineering. For example, experiments are continually conducted to study and improve manufacturing processes, evaluate environmental damages, and develop new drugs for patients. Using optimal designs can not only save the cost of experiments including the cost of labour, time and materials, but also provide accurate statistical inferences. I have been developing new design theories and numerical algorithms for finding optimal designs.


  • Optimal regression design
  • Robust statistics
  • Fractional factorial design
  • Statistical computing
  • Applied statistics
  • Optimization algorithm

Current Projects

Selected Publications

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