Dr. Leslee Francis-Pelton

Dr. Leslee Francis-Pelton
Associate Professor, Mathematics Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Office: MacLaurin A527

PhD (Major: Instructional Science, Minor: Mathematics) Brigham Young University, MA (Mathematics) Brigham Young University, Teaching Certificate (Major: Mathematics, Minor: Chemistry) Brigham Young University, BSc (Major: Mathematics, Minor: Music) Brigham Young University, AA (Music) Brigham Young University

  • Secondary mathematics methodologies
  • Elementary mathematics methodologies
  • Mathematics curriculum
  • Assessment as/for/of learning in mathematics
  • Development and use of iOS apps for learning mathematics

I currently serve as department Chair in the Department of Curriculum in Instruction, where I lead department initiatives at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  As such I sit on and facilitate the work of several committees developing and managing various undergraduate and graduate programs in the department.  I also sit on many committees across the University, including Senate, the Senate committee on Admission, Readmission, and Transfer, and the Senate Committee on Curriculum (co-chair).  I'm also past-President of the University Faculty Association and the UVic representative on the Faculty Assessment working group of the Community Engaged Scholarship research initiative - a seven-university consortium based out of the University of Guelph.

My personal professional activities include teaching courses on the teaching and learning of secondary school mathematics, mathematical processes, and mathematical problem solving.  My research focuses on the use of various technologies and problem-based learning in mathematics (e.g. mobile devices, LEGO robotics).  My work has been supported by several CER–Net (Constructivist Educational Research – Network) grants.

MathTappers:  Tim Pelton and I are designing a series of apps for iOS devices that help students consolidate their understanding of basic mathematics concepts.  We are testing and validating these apps with students in K-8 classrooms.  Information and support materials for these apps are available at MathTappers.com.  Funding for development of the apps came from CER-Net and CORE (Centre for Outreach Education).

Explain Everything:  In conjunction with in-service teacher partners and graduate students, we are developing a collection of interactive projects for students using the Explain Everything app for iOS devices. We are testing and validating these activities with students in K-8 classes.  A website will be developed of all activities created in conjunction with this research project. Funding for this research project is from CER-Net.

LEGO Robotics:  In partnership with CORE and local schools, we offer LEGO Robotics support to schools wishing to include problem-based learning activities as a STEM initiative. We provide robotics kits and pre-service student volunteers from our Teacher Education program to work with the schools. We also assess student learning as a result of these activities.

Graduate students I am supervising and their research interests:
Ian Cooper – MA – gender perceptions/biases in mathematics education
Brian Neill – PhD – Exemplary place-based science programs for Indigenous students integrating indigenous knowledge
Karen Moore – PhD – Examining the impact of the Numeracy support program in Newfoundland on student success in mathematics

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