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Name Area Contact
Assistant Professor, Additional Language Learning
TESOL/Applied linguistics, Language socialization, Second-language writing, Chinese as an additional language, Internationalization of higher education, Case study as a research method
Office: MacLaurin A524
Professor, Language & Literacy
Acting Chair of the Department
Secondary English language arts, literacy, visual literacy and media, literacy and health
Office: MacLaurin A549
Professor, Science Education & Curriculum Studies
Theory and philosophy of science education curriculum, Science education methodology, Aesthetics in/of science education, Ethics and curriculum development, Curriculum history and theory, Post-structuralism and curriculum change
Office: MacLaurin A566
Associate Professor, Art Education
Creative play strategies and collaborative research with children, children's visual experience of school, art as self-directed therapy, artists collectives and community, visual narrative forms in research including photonovela as multimodal inquiry and expression, photography as an art form, , lens media and communication, visual and arts-based methodologies
Office: MacLaurin A196
Associate Professor, Mathematics Education
Secondary mathematics methodologies, elementary mathematics methodologies, mathematics curriculum, assessment as/for/of learning in mathematics,
development and use of iOS apps for learning mathematics
Office: MacLaurin A527
Professor, Social Studies & Curriculum Studies
Curriculum theory, arts-based research, aesthetics and knowing, social studies and geography education, notions of identity and place, poststructural perspectives, poetic representation in writing and research
Office: MacLaurin A558
Assistant Professor, Educational Technology
Teacher preparation elementary, Teacher preparation secondary, Adult and lifelong learning, Curriculum studies, Applied research, Twenty first century learning, Distributed e-learning, Personal learning networks, Online learning community development, Educational technology, Theories of technology adoption
Office: MacLaurin A568
Associate Professor, Philosophical Foundations
Philosophy of Education, Moral Education, Dissent and Minority Rights, Independent and Separate Schools, Catholic Education, Religion/Spirituality in Schools
Office: MacLaurin A556
Associate Professor in Science Education and Research Methodologies
Teacher Preparation - Elementary; Science Education - Elementary; Educational Measurement, Quantitative methods
Office: MacLaurin A554
Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs
Associate Professor, Language & Literacy, Curriculum Studies
21st century literacies, Teacher education, Curriculum theory, e-Readers and reading processes
Office: MacLaurin A247
Professor, Language & Literacy
Children's and young adult literature, Response to literature, Literature-based literacy programs, Language and Literacy, Visual Literacy, Multimodality
Office: MacLaurin A364
Associate Professor, Mathematics Education
Mathematics education, applications of technology in education, assessment, and development of educational apps.
Office: MacLaurin A528
Associate Professor, Drama Education
Theatre, Teacher preparation elementary, Curriculum studies, Aesthetic Philosophy, Drama/Theatre Education (K-12 & Postsecondary), Applied Drama/Theatre, Curriculum Studies/Theory/Philosophy, Performance Theory/Performance Studies, Arts-based Qualitative Research Methods
Office: MacLaurin A523
Assistant Professor, Music Education
Music education, Rural education, Social capital, Place-based and place-conscious education, Praxial music education philosophy, Critical pragmatism, Integrating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives in music education ​ 
Office: MacLaurin A564
Associate Professor, Social Studies
Teacher & educational leadership preparation, Indigenous/countercultural education, Education for ecological restoration, Education for the advancement of human rights and happiness, Educational policy and governance, Peace education, Governance simulations and youth leadership
Office: MacLaurin A561
Associate Professor, Historical Foundations

Social and Historical Foundations of Education in British Columbia, Aboriginal/ Indigenous Education, Multicultural/ Anti-Racist Education, Education Policy Studies, First Nations and Minority Education, Educational Reform

Office: MacLaurin A365
Professor, Social Studies
Teacher preparation elementary, Aboriginal education, Curriculum studies, Educational change and innovation, Technology in education, Participatory research
Office: MacLaurin A532
Lansdowne Professor, Applied Cognitive Science
Workplace studies (aviation, software design), cultural-historical activity theory, conversation analysis, semiotics, gesture studies, applied cognitive science, phenomenology, human-computer interaction, interaction analysis, representation in scientific practice discourse analysis, research methods (quantitative and qualitative)
Office: MacLaurin A567
Professor, Language & Literacy
Teacher education, New literacies, Learning through video games, Gender and pedagogy, Assessment, Electronic portfolios, Community-based engagement, Museum and library education, Qualitative research methodologies
Office: MacLaurin A526
Lecturer, Art Education

Art Education, Studio practices, Painting, Arts-based research, Artistic inquiry, Elementary Teacher Education

Office: MacLaurin A199
Dean, Faculty of Education
Adult and Higher Education, International and Comparative Education, Literacy, Research Methods
Office: MacLaurin A243
Assistant Professor, Language & Literacy, Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education, Early Literacy, Multimodality, Family and Community Literacies, International Education, Outdoor & Environmental Education, Indigenous Knowledge
Office: MacLaurin A559
Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations and Teacher Education
Transformative Inquiry, Pre-service teacher development, Cross-cultural understanding, Indigenous learning and teaching, Holistic education, Early childhood education, Mindfulness in education, Generous listening
Office: MacLaurin A353
Associate Professor, Mathematics Education & Curriculum Studies
Mathematics education and curriculum studies; Theories of cognition and mathematical understanding; Collective learning; Spatial, numeric and geometric reasoning; Ecological, (em)bodied and culturally responsive forms of teaching, learning, and research
Office: MacLaurin A530
Associate Professor, Language & Literacy
Elementary English language arts, instructional practices for struggling literacy learners, differentiated instruction
Office: MacLaurin A557
Assistant Professor, Art Education
Assessment in art (studio assessment, self assessment, theory assessment), leadership in the arts, arts program reform curriculum development, developing creativity
Office: MacLaurin A198