Dr. Anita Prest

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Dr. Anita Prest

Assistant Professor, Music Education

PhD, University of British Columbia

MMus, University of Calgary

BMus, University of Victoria

Office:  MacLaurin A564

Phone:  250-472-4374


  • Music education

  • Rural education

  • Indigenizing music education

  • Sociology of music education
  • Diversity in education

  • Culturally responsive pedagogy

  • School-community music education partnerships

  • Place-based/conscious education
  • Social capital
  • Praxialist and pragmatist music education philosophies
  • Qualitative and Indigenous methodologies and methods
My research interest entails decolonizing and Indigenizing music education in British Columbia from a variety a vantage points. To date, I have explored how music teachers and culture bearers develop relationships to embed local Indigenous knowledge in music classes in both rural and metropolitan settings; factors that must be considered before Indigenous culture bearers, composers and music teachers might collaborate to create resources, and; the ways in which music teachers apply the teachings of the Grandmother Drum they learned in an Indigenizing Music Education course to their particular teaching contexts. Prior to my appointment at the University of Victoria, I taught K-12 music for 20 years in rural and metropolitan settings. I currently teach Curriculum & Instruction for Secondary School Music, Music in the Elementary Classroom 1 and 2, Teaching in Rural Communities, and Community and Culture.
Decolonizing and Indigenizing music education through teachings of the grandmother drum: Examining educational modelling process and outcomes​​

(Funded by a University of Victoria Strategic Initiatives – Indigenous Grant)

In this study, I am researching the ways in which music teachers embed Indigenous knowledge, pedagogy, and worldview in their classes during the 2019-2020 school year as a result of Mi'kmaw instructor Sarah Rhude's modelling and teachings in a Music Education Summer Institute course they took (EDCI 499 Indigenizing Music Education). I have hired one graduate student Research Assistant for this project.



Indigenizing choral music education: Towards an ethos of resurgence, reconciliation, and bridging

(Funded by a SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant)

In this study, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre has partnered with my colleagues (Dr. J. Scott Goble from UBC and Dr. Adam Con from University of Victoria) and me to facilitate 4 sharing circles in which Elders, knowledge keepers, music teachers, and other interested parties explore the issues that must be discussed before resources might be created for music teachers to appropriately embed local Indigenous content, pedagogy, and worldview in music classes. We have been able to hire and train two graduate student Research Assistants for this project.



Culturally responsive music education: Integrating Indigenous knowledge, pedagogy, and cultural practices in rural British Columbian public schools

(Funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant)

In this study, I and my research partner, Dr. J. Scott Goble of UBC, examined the ways in which public school music educators in rural British Columbia, in partnership with First Nations and Métis community members, facilitate the appropriate embedding of local Indigenous content, pedagogy, and worldview in music classes, schools, and the broader community. We were able to hire and train four graduate student Research Assistants for this project.




(Funded by a SSHRC doctoral fellowship)

My doctoral dissertation (2014), The growth and contributions of bridging social capital to rural vitality via school-community music education partnerships, can be found at the University of British Columbia cIRcle repository.


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Current graduate student supervision

2019 -  Raúl Mendoza, PhD

2017 -  Hyo Jung Jung, MA

2016 -  Hector Vazquez, PhD
            Building an appreciation for Indigenous cultures in Mexico via music education
            (Recipient of two-year SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship) 


Completed graduate student supervision
2016-2018 - Beth Tuinstra, MA
                   Embracing identity: An examination of non-Western music
                   education practices in British Columbia
                   (Recipient of SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate
                   Scholarship - Master's Level)