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General Enquiries

Bev Asplin 250-721-7808 MAC A541
FAX 250-721-7598
Department Chair Deborah Begoray 250-721-7886 MAC A545
Assistant to the Chair Christie McAlister 250-721-7886 MAC A547
Administrative Officer Pat Bright 250-721-7807 MAC A547
Graduate Secretary Fariba Ardestani 250-721-7882 MAC A541
Secretary Michele Armstrong 250-721-7808 MAC A541
Secretary Jill Cameron 250-721-7808 MAC A541

Field Experience Office

Manager, Teacher Education Kerry Robertson 250-721-7870 MAC A550
Assistant to Teacher Education Manager Maureen Spizawka 250-721-7870 MAC A548
Placement Coordinator, Field Experience Dana Bell 250-721-7870 MAC A552
Placement Coordinator, Field Experience Sue Elsner 250-721-7870 MAC A551

Resource Room Assistants

Art Education Caren Willms 250-721-6638 MAC A194a
Math & Science Adele Fraser 250-721-7859 MAC D014
In person or by courier:
By mail:
Department of Curriculum & Instruction Department of Curriculum & Instruction
University of Victoria University of Victoria
MacLaurin Building, Room A541 PO Box 1700 STN CSC
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road) Victoria, BC  V8W 2Y2  CANADA
Victoria, BC V8P 5C2  CANADA

MacLaurin building

MacLaurin building

The MacLaurin building is home to UVic's education faculty. The building is inside the Finnerty (Ring) one-way road. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is located on the 5th floor in wing A, the central part, of the MacLaurin building. The Chair's office is in room A549, and department office is in A541.

Parking lots

Parking lots

The closest lots are general #6, outside Ring Road, and reserved E, next to the building. Both parking lots have some parking spots with meters, 25c per 15 min. Parking Price Info.

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