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AE 303a Ceramics I

Instructor Caren Willms shares about students' inspiration and how their research weaves into their ceramic studies.

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EDCI 352 Multiliteracies Curriculum

Graffiti as literacy.


Now in its 3rd year!  Our students continue to shine.

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Academic Advice

Academic advisors are an invaluable resource.  They can help you plan your program, decide which course to take and find out which courses you can transfer to UVic.  Find an advisor.

Program courses

The other courses offered by the department are part of the Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education Programs and are not available to students outside these programs.


We offer electives at all levels that are open to all UVic students.  Some of these courses include:

EDCI 208 Studio Piano Class I

EDCI 308 Studio Piano Class II

EDCI 311 Studio Guitar Class I

EDCI 312 Studio Guitar Class II

EDCI 337 Interactive & Multimedia Learning

EDCI 338 Social Media and Personalized Learning

EDCI 339 Distributed and Open Learning

and many art education courses.