Minor in Art Education

minor in art education

Program Snapshot 

  • 15-unit minor, combinable with most UVic majors
  • introduces the methods of working in a visual art studio environment
  • uses creative, visual, and artistic approaches to teaching, researching, and engaging with the world
  • satisfies the content area requirements needed for admission to the Secondary PDP program, with art as a teaching area

About our program

The minor in art education will provide you with a foundation in visual expression, design thinking, and creative and critical problem solving. You'll gain hands on experiences working in different art studios and with different art mediums and methods. 

In your introductory block of courses, you will learn the basics of art education, including: 

  • drawing, painting, or printmaking
  • digital art or photography
  • sculpture or ceramics
  • Canadian or Indigenous art
  • community approaches

 You will then choose approved upper level courses from two tracks:

Visual Expression and Inquiry in Education

In this track, you will learn about 2D analog, 2-D technology or 3-D art, Visual Inquiry as Research, and some Art History Visual Studies, Fine Arts, or Art Education

Visual Design and Inquiry in Education

In this track, you will learn about Applied Design, Visual Design for Marketing, Advocacy and Persuasion, and Visual Inquiry as Research

For a complete list of courses required to obtain a minor in Art Education, visit the undergraduate calendar entry

How do I declare my Minor in Art Education?

For more information please contact adve@uvic.ca