Minor in Physical Education

Connor Baerg sprinting for the dropshot in the EPHE 452 Sport Education Pickleball championship
Connor Baerg sprinting for the dropshot in the EPHE 452 Sport Education Pickleball Championship

Program Snapshot 

  • 15-unit minor, combinable with most UVic majors
  • introduces the discipline, content and methods associated with working in physical education
  • uses sport and physical activities, mixed with theories and the application of biomechanics, motor learning, health promotion, child development and physiology in teaching physical and health education
  • includes course integrated field experiences with school-age students and the development of digital evidence of learning
  • satisfies the content area requirements needed for admission to the Secondary Post Degree Professional Program, with physical health education as a teaching area

About our program

The Minor in Physical Education is primarily intended for students who want to become secondary school physical education teachers. To become a secondary school physical education teacher a person needs to complete an undergraduate degree, then a post degree professional program, and then apply for certification as a teacher in British Columbia or elsewhere. The Minor in Physical Education will provide you with an understanding of fundamental movements skills across a range of physical activities, the ability to develop student appropriate learning experiences, an appreciation of critical issues in the discipline of physical education, as well as develop your professional problem-solving skills. You will gain hands-on experience working in different physical environments with students from local schools.

For a complete list of courses required to obtain a Minor in Physical Education, visit the undergraduate calendar entry.

How do I declare my Minor in Physical Education?

To declare your Minor in Physical Education you should lodge a program declaration request through an advisor in your current faculty. The advisor in your current faculty will send the declaration request (i.e., either email or program declaration form) to the EPHE Academic Advisor who will declare the minor in your program and notify your advisor that the minor has been added. The advisor in your faculty will make any necessary adjustments to your Degree Evaluation and notify you that your degree program has been updated.

For more information about the Minor in Physical Education please contact epheadv@uvic.ca.