Teacher education programs

At UVic, you will find yourself immersed in a personalized and intimate program, with an emphasis on practical hands-on experiences early on in your degree

Who we are

Graduates of teacher education programs are professionals who believe in the lifelong transformative power of learning. Our graduates actively promote justice, equity, respect and safety within a diverse and democratic society.

Defining features of our programs

  1. Cohort-based
  2. Integrated Indigenous ways of learning and knowing
  3. Early opportunities for active observation and participation in local classrooms 
  4. Hands-on learning through multiple practicum experiences in diverse settings
  5. Competency-based learning that supports academic and professional success

Elementary teacher education programs

For those who want to be general classroom teachers for students in kindergarten to grade 7.

Secondary teacher education programs

For those who want to teach one or more subjects in a secondary school.