Dr. Graham McDonough

Dr. Graham McDonough

Dr. Graham McDonough

Associate Professor, Philosophical Foundations

Associate Fellow, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society

PhD (Philosophy of Education), University of Toronto

MA (Philosophy of Education), University of Toronto

BA (English Literature), University of Saskatchewan

BMus in Music Education (Middle Years and Secondary Music Eduation; English Literature Education), University of Saskatchewan

Office:  MacLaurin A556

Phone:  250-721-7779


UVic Research Database - Graham McDonough
  • Philosophy of Education

  • Moral Education

  • Dissent and Minority Rights

  • Independent and Separate Schools
  • Catholic Education

  • Religion/Spirituality in Schools

EDCI 303 - Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Canadian Education

EDCI 431 - Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDCI 433 - Anthropology and Education

EDCI 520 - Seminar in Contemporary Educational Issues in Philosophical Perspective


McDonough, Graham P.; Mintz, Avi I.; & Memon, Nadeem A. 2013. Discipline, Devotion, and Dissent: Jewish, Catholic, and Islamic Schooling in Canada. Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

McDonough, Graham P. 2012. Beyond Obedience and Abandonment: Toward a Theory of Dissent in Catholic Education. Montreal, QC and Kingston, ON: McGill-Queen’s University Press

Chapters in Books:

McDonough, Graham P. 2018. The Joy of Dialogue in an Intercultural World: Educational Implications from Evangelii Gaudium. Annual Review of Sociology of Religion Volume 9: The Changing Faces of Catholicism, Eds. S. Lefebvre & A. Pérez-Agote, 222-244. Boston, MA: Brill Publishing.

Journal Articles: 

Bakker, Colin; Dubensky, Kate; Harvey, Lyndze C.; & McDonough, Graham P. 2019.  The Inadequacies of Assigning "My Philosophy of Education" Statements in Teacher Education Courses.  Philosophical Inquiry in Education 26(1), 1-19.

McDonough, Graham P. 2019. Pluralizing Catholic Identity.  Journal of Religious Education 114(2), 168-180.

McDonough, Graham P.  2017.  The "Scandal" of Gay-Straight Alliances in Ontario Catholic Schools.  The Ecumeni​​st: A Journal of Theology, Culture, and Society 54(1): 1-9

McDonough, Graham P.  2016.  Cultivating Identities: The Catholic School as Diverse Ecclesial Space.  Philosophical Inquiry in Education 23(2), 160-177.  http://journals.sfu.ca/pie/index.php/pie/article/view/434/545

McDonough, Graham P.  2016.  Catholic Schooling, the Concept of Laity, and the Future Church.  British Journal of Religious Education 39(3), 247-256.

McDonough, Graham P.  2016.  Bearers of Diverse Ecclesiologies: Imagining Catholic School Students as Informing a Broader Articulation of Catholic School Aims. Journal of Catholic Education, 19 (3), 66-85. http://dx.doi.org/10.15365/joce.190052016

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McDonough, Graham P. 2010. Why dissent is a vital concept in moral education. Journal of Moral Education 39(4), 421-436.



McDonough, G.P.  2016.  The Importance of Philosophical Study for Teacher Candidates.  Dean's Lunchtime Lecture Series, Greater Victoria Public Library, Victoria, BC, 15 April 2016.

McDonough, G.P.  2015.  Cultivating Identities: The Catholic School as Diverse Ecclesial Space.  Early Career Invited Lecture to the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society, Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Congress 2015, Ottawa, ON.

Dr. Graham McDonough's delivery of the 2014 Waterloo Catholic District School Board Lecture at St Jerome’s University entitled:

Faithful Disagreement: an opportunity for rediscovery in Catholic education