Dr. Jason Price

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Dr. Jason Price

Associate Professor, Social Studies

PhD (Educational Administration Diversity & Social Justice), University of Toronto

MA (Educational Administration Diversity & Social Justice), University of Toronto

MEd (International Education), Farmingham State College

BEd (History and Native Education)

BA (honors in History)

BA (Policial Studies/Sociology), Trent University

Office:  MacLaurin A561

Phone:  250-721-7830


  • Teacher & educational leadership preparation
  • Indigenous/countercultural education
  • Education for ecological restoration
  • Education for the advancement of human rights and happiness
  • Educational policy and governance
  • Peace education
  • Governance simulations and youth leadership

I am available to speak on the following topics through the UVic Speakers Bureau:

  • Education for Social Justice and Reconstruction
  • New Digital Technologies: Hope and Possibility in Open Education
  • The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Possibilities and Promise

If you are interested to have me speak on any of these topics, please visit the UVic Speakers Bureau to make a booking.