Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne

Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne
Division of Medical Sciences
Office: Medical Sciences Building, room 326

BSc (Guelph), PhD (Calgary)

Area of expertise

Cell biology of neuronal and cardiomyocyte structural and functional plasticity as it pertains to neurodevelopment, neurological disease, and aging. Relevance to neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodegenerative disease, brain inflammation associated with infection, brain injury, stroke, cardiac arrhythmias, and structural heart disease. Key expertise in microscopy and protein biochemistry techniques.

What we do in the Swayne cellular plasticity lab:

Across the lifespan, in health and disease, the cells that make up our bodies undergo changes in their structure and function – cellular plasticity. In the Swayne lab, we are investigating the factors regulating brain and heart cellular plasticity during development, disease, and aging.

Our work focuses primarily on the individual and intersecting roles of systems underlying cellular morphology (e.g., the cytoskeleton) as well as cellular communication (e.g., ion channels, like pannexins, and ion channel-regulating proteins, like ankyrin-B).

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