biology field trip

A different sort of classroom

A UVic biology degree is so much more than just sitting in a classroom! Many of our courses include scientific lab or field work so you can put into practice what you learn in class.

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biology research at UVic

Vital research with a passion

Deep sea diversity, genetic disease, species extinction, and addiction are just a few of the challenges our researchers are facing head on.

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biology studies at UVic

Tailor your program

Focus your studies in marine biology, neuroscience or forest biology or choose to combine your passion for earth and ocean sciences or psychology with biology in one of our combined programs.

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biology studies at UVic

Get your hands dirty

From mushroom hunting in our campus forests, to studying ocean life from the decks of our faculty-owned research ship, at UVic Biology you'll gain hands-on research experience.

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See the possibilities

Biology is the scientific study of all living things—a truly vast and rapidly evolving field that touches all aspects of our lives. UVic Biology teaching and research ranges from the scale of genes and molecules to that of the biosphere. Our extraordinary situation next to forest and ocean provides students with a dynamic learning environment.

A degree from us will prepare you for a wide range of careers, including work in marine biology, genetics and genomics, forest biology, neuroscience, conservation biology, medicine, agriculture and more. Come explore with us!

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