Research at the University of Victoria

Wiring the abyss 2016

Wiring the abyss 2016

UVic’s Ocean Networks Canada expands the research footprint of its world-leading ocean observatories.

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UVic Tree Ring Laboratory

The trees tell the tale

Tree ring analysis by climate researchers predicts dry times ahead for BC’s south coast.

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Why we need the ocean

Why we need the ocean

Ongoing research sheds light on the critical link between the ocean and climate change.

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Weather watchers

A geographer taps into the insights of northern residents on Arctic and coastal change.

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Sybil Seitzinger

Global reach

Sybil Seitzinger, an international expert on the causes of environmental change, heads the UVic-led Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.

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UVic 2016 Project

On the grid

A UVic-led project is exploring the costs and benefits of electrical grid options for Canada.

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The University of Victoria is one of Canada's leading research universities and consistently ranks highly in many national and international surveys.
UVic Strategic Research Plan

Our researchers are global leaders…

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Applying new knowledge

Our researchers and artists are committed to improving the social, cultural and economic well-being of people in Canada and around the world.

We work closely with community, government and industry partners to move ideas, discoveries, creations and inventions forward for the betterment of society.

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